We specialize and focus on applying eyelash extensions (in fact, we do it everyday, multiple times per day).  We promise our Clients exceptional service, in a relaxing location.  We ensure the highest quality standards with each extension application.

Eyelash extensions differ from “fake” or “false” eyelashes in that they are applied one extension to one lash. The procedure to attach the extensions takes an average of two hours for a full set of extensions of roughly 80-150 lashes per eye. Because each extension is applied to your individual lashes, they look natural and not like strip lashes.


Your new lashes will not harm your own lashes and will naturally grow out in 2-4 weeks.  In order to maintain the look, we recommend touch-ups every few weeks. 

Upon receiving your new full set of eyelash extensions, we’ll provide you with after-care information.  However it’s not complicated – no oil based eye makeup removers.  While many salons require their clients to wait 24 hours before getting new lashes wet- the LashBar downtown has perfected the art of instant eyelash extension wearability and no fear tears or swimming! When you leave the salon you are all set, no waiting required.