The LashBar Story

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My name is Crystal Boyd owner and manager of LashBar Downtown.  I have been in the eyelash extension business for over 13 years!  My career in the beauty industry started in Dallas, TX where I studied beauty and wedding makeup at the Jenny Tarver Makeup Academy and worked for Columbia Cosmetics. This experience taught me a great deal about the ingredients in cosmetics and ignited my passion for the field. I decided to continue my education in Hollywood, CA where I became certified from the prestigious Joe Blasco School of Prosthetics, Special Effects, and Film Makeup.  For over three years, I had the most amazing time working on movies and TV shows, specializing in airbrush makeup and making celebrities look flawless for the HD cameras! In 2006 I moved to Greenville, South Carolina and realized I needed a new plan for my career!  I discovered eyelash extensions on a work trip in Chicago and loved everything about them!  Shortly after taking a certification coarse I decided to continue my education in lashes and I became a trainer for Lavish Lashes along with one other Lash manufacturer. After working as an eyelash extension stylist for many years I realized the industry was growing fast and I needed help! LashBar Downtown was born! We are the original Lash Bar of Greenville SC and have an amazing staff! I strive to only hire the most motivated and inspired stylists!  The staff at the LashBar is held to a high standard and they are all amazing women! We have also expanded our services past eyelash extensions and brow care by adding an amazing nail tech to our team!  Our clients can multi task by getting their nails beautified at the same time as their lash services. My personal goal in this business is for everyone who sets foot into the LashBar to feel loved, inspired and well cared for!